Key elements of the South Platte Protection Plan (SPPP) include:

Stream flow Management Plan: A cooperative agreement that addresses stream flows and temperatures – drafted by representatives from the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Denver Water, Aurora and Trout Unlimited.

Water Quality Management Initiative: An adjunct to the SPPP process that evolved into the Coalition for the Upper South Platte.

South Platte Enhancement Board (SPEB): A 17-member stakeholder group charged with managing the endowment, advocating cooperative protection of the river corridor, distributing grant funds, building awareness of the South Platte’s value as a major water source as well as a cherished resource legacy, and serving as both a forum for public issues and concerns.

$1 Million Dollar Endowment: Provided by Front Range water providers for management by SPEB to support project opportunities that benefit the upper South Platte River and its North Fork.

Canyon Protection: A permanent commitment to not build any water works facilities in Elevenmile and Cheesman Canyons.

Two Forks Right of Way Moratorium for 20 Years: As a demonstration of good faith in the seeking possible alternatives to developing the Two Forks Reservoir, Denver Water voluntarily imposes a 20 year moratorium on applications for development of the Two Forks Right of Way.

The complete South Platte Protection Plan (SPPP) is presented by SPEB to our visitors as a PDF file.  Click here to view, print and/or download this file.